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Satoshi Okada architects Inc. pursues and realizes internationally highest quality designs in architecture. They are mostly based upon simplicity with sublimity even in warmhearted spaces for human activities and even spirituality in rich materiality and delicate details.

Satoshi Okada architects Inc. is profoundly conscious of environmental contexts related to architecture. Building activities, on one hand, are nothing but destruction of whatever exists; nevertheless, all the more because of it, they have to compensate it by a beautiful gift of artifice more than before.

Satoshi Okada architects enables to realize any kind of building types, from a small house to a large complex building.

Satoshi Okada architects Inc. has a flexible mind and attitude to client's requests; but mostly so far, they are categorized into two types as follows: one is seeking for simple and decent designs securing an eternal beauty; the other is for avant-garde design representing contemporariness of our age.

Satoshi Okada architects Inc. is confident of executing architecture of beauty and function with comfort in any direction.


Satoshi Okada

(Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, born 1962), architect, Ph.D.

After graduated from GSAPP, Columbia University in 1989, he became a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University under Prof. Kenneth Frampton, National Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, National Fellow of artists, and finally established Satoshi Okada architects in Tokyo, 1995.

Okada is also Associate Professor of Architectural Design & Theory at the Graduate School of Architecture, Chiba University, Japan. Since 2002, he has lectured at several academies and architect societies in Europe, USA, and Russia. He was awarded the Grand-prix at both Dedalo Minosse International Prize (Italy) and International Architecture Prize titled "Present of Future" (Russia) in 2006, International Architecture Award at Chicago Athenaeum (USA) in 2007, 2008, and 2010; and the Gold Prize at Design for Asia Award (Hong Kong) in 2009.

His works has been published in numerous books and magazines around the world, including Casabella 688 (2001-), 702, 713, 734, 738, 743, 756, and 771. In 2009, the monograph Satoshi Okada - i miei progetti la mia architettura was published from Electa architettura, Milano.

Okada has also designed furniture, lighting, and hardware. In 2007, "titanium" - lounge chair totally made of titanium - was published for merchandise from arti, a furniture company in Tokyo.

Satoshi Okada architects

Satoshi Okada architects Inc. was founded by Arch. Satoshi Okada in Tokyo in 1995. For these fifteen years, major works have been globally published in books, magazines, and TV programs, over two hundred in total. In 2009, the achievement was crystallized into the monograph, Satoshi Okada - i miei progetti la mia architettura (introduction by Francesco Dal Co) was published from Electa architettura, Milano.

Satoshi Okada architects Inc. is now located in the City of Kunitachi, identified as one of the most beautiful towns in both culture and green, in Tokyo. All of the working staff is selected to super-excellent architects who share the same spirit and sensitivity for design. Under the concept and design direction proposed by Satoshi Okada, each senior architect is responsible for working on each single project at one time with numerous discussions among Okada and other related professionals thoroughly from the initial design stage to all the supervising processes during construction towards each building completion; which, in fact, has enabled to realize buildings in the highest quality.