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House in Eda

House in Eda - maximum in minimum 2

Kanagawa, Japan
113.57 sqm
wooden structure
Satoshi Okada
project team
Kentaro Iyoda
structural designer
Kenta Masaki
general contractor
Nakamura Komuten co.
photo credit:
Satoshi Okada
House in Eda

House in Eda was built in the northern periphery of Yokohama City, which has been developed as a bedroom-town for Tokyo. After 1960s, owing to the rapid population growth in the metropolis, and to the highly raised land price; hills and mountains in suburbia have been destroyed for making residential districts. The site is upon such a tiny triangular tip of a hill, molded by existing retaining walls, only touching the 1/6 steep front road down to east.

According to regulations, the building area is 65 square meters at max., and its double is to the total floor area in the site. The north side set-back-regulation is another restriction for shaping the building silhouette. From the site towards the southeast direction, residents can appreciate a long distance view of mountains over a vegetable field down below. To both south and west, two-story-high neighbor houses are close by 2.5 meter and by 0.5 meter respectively.

Considering the moderate scale of building to the public as well as the set-back-regulation, I made the house composed of two volumes in L-shape; the minor on the road, the major is along the west boundary. The major volume contains entrance, kitchen, and dining on the ground floor, and a larger public living with a double story height on the first floor. Children room is overhung above the carport. Spaces for the public living and a staircase are lit by skylight. The minor volume contains bathroom on the ground floor, and bedroom on the first floor. The tilted wall is effective for containing the larger bedroom above and the smaller bathroom below.

The structure is a timber construction. Exterior wall is finished by ceramic compounded polyurethane painting, with an expression of touch of trowel handiworks with its glossy surface, on mortar. Interior wall is finished by breached diatomaceous earth on plaster boards. For floors, birch, marble, and granite are used for each appropriate place in function and beauty.


Text by Satoshi Okada

House in Eda House in Eda House in Eda
House in Eda