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villa in Kaikoh

villa in Kaikoh

Shizuoka, Japan
634.13 sqm.
reinforced concrete + steel
Satoshi Okada
project team
Daikichi Honma, Lisa Tomiyama
structural designer
Hirokazu Toki + S3 Associates Inc.
general contractor
Mizusawa Komuten co., Takahashi Kogyo co.
photo credit:
Hiroshi Ueda
villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh

Villa in Kaikoh is designed as a holiday house in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, a well-known hot spring resort 100 km west from Tokyo. The site lies on a steep cliff, bordering a major public road on its top edge and a narrow path 16 m down below: the latter offers a splendid wide view the Ocean. The owners often invite guests over especially for enjoying the thermal water streaming out of the local hotspring.

The building might be viewed as if a continuous strip was to be folded by in different directions so that complex interlocked voids are generated both vertically and horizontally: the villa lies on eight stepped and interconnected platforms. The continuous strip opens up in several points and creates stages for various activities. In other point it precisely delineates a single-purpose space.

The main entry faces the public road at the upper end of the site; moving downwards, a domestic “spa” was designed to take advantage of the best view onto the Ocean: it features indoor and outdoor bathtubs, extended onto a panoramic terrace.

Structurally, it is made of a hybrid composition of brand-new steel structure upon reinforced concrete fabric. Steel was absolutely required in order to eliminate any bulky column or wall: that allows ample living spaces and confers a feeling of lightness to the whole building. Moreover, the steel construction was sensibly convenient given the difficult conditions of the site.


Text by Satoshi Okada


villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh
villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh villa in Kaikoh