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1. Titanium


Satoshi Okada
photo credit
Akihide Tamura
1. Titanium 1. Titanium

Titanium is a lounge chair for both public and private indoors. It has been conceived for arti, a Tokyo based furniture manufacture. Its design aims to achieve beauty and comfort with the neatest simplicity in composition and by means of the most advanced materials and technologies nowadays available.

I devoted this design opportunity to the realization of a ultimate bending chair within the thread of Bauhaus tradition. Even the newest idea or object is bound to become obsolete and is soon outdated by upcoming trends, sliding into the role of representing our age: all we can do is to profit from all the hitherto gathered knowledge and wisdom to yield the maximum effect by the minimum amount of elements, which is indeed a reflection of modernity.

Its material, titanium, requires a highly qualified craftsmanship and convoluted technologies, so that in Japan, for instance, there’s only one company able to cater for that.

Titanium consists of two elements: a 3 mm thick bent plate that supports the seat and the back and a pair of legs, realized with a 45 x 10 mm flat band. The seat, in black leather, is sewn to the metal plate to ensure greater comfort and stability. Since Titanium is outstandingly elastic yet resistant, each structural member could be sized really thin and the resulting overall weight doesn’t exceed 15 kg.

The movement while somebody seats on Titanium is unique. The plate accepts one’s body with a moderate resilience and if he lifts his legs he’d soon enjoy the mild swinging as if he were sitting on air. The lean constantly adequates to body movements thanks to a temperate reaction. Even though it is only 3 mm thick, it is reliable enough to bear the load of a human body with appropriate and comfortable flexure. It can endure up to 250kg at the maximum weight.


Text by Satoshi Okada



1. Titanium
1. Titanium 1. Titanium